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Corporate Social Responsibility

In the corporate philosophy of the company, charity has always been important. We are supporting local charity organisations, local athlets and sports clubs, mainly focusing on young people and kids.


The Koroncó Tutti Judo Club (Koroncói TUTTI Judo Klub), one of the most successful Judo clubs for kids and young people in the country – also named after our company – we have been supporting since 1991. Together with them and the local city government we organized more TUTTI Kadett Judo World Cups in Győr. We are also supporting lot of other local sport events, and also local football clubs in our and the neighbour villages – Rábapatona and Koroncó, such as the world famous female handball team of Győr (Győri Audi ETO KC).

Lions Club

As two of the Tutti founders – Ottó Prohászka and János Molnár – are charter members of the Első Győri Lions Club, the company has been one of the major supporters of the local Lions, such as the local Leo clubs.


Contributing to the local cultural life has started first with the supporting of some local book releases or artists, but in the past decade we have become one of the main supporters of the local national theatre – Győri Nemzeti Színház. Beside some special supports, the company also buys appr. 70 season tickets every year, which are divided among the employees as part of rewarding. The theatre awarded Mr. Prohászka with Kisfaludy-Award in 2007.

Tutti has also been supporting the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra – Győri Filharmonikus Zenekar for several years.