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The secret of Tutti's success lies mainly in the intensive R&D work and in the implementation of new ideas. Innovation has been a key factor since the beginning. The company pays special attention to develop and reformulate new and nutritionally modern food products. It has always been important for our leaders to be one step ahead of the others. In order to reach advanced goals, we need continuous product development and the application of the best available technologies. Visiting exhibitions and special fairs has always played a major role in getting to know and following the new trends in our industry. Innovation is one of the most important driving forces to expand our product lines, so thanks to the intensive development work our range is continuously growing.

Our innovative work is strongly supported by the modern machinery and technology we apply during packaging and production processes. All of our products meet the highest food safety and packaging technology requirements. We developed our warehouse system in the last years on a very high level to be able to provide as flexible and fast service to our customers as possible.

Our activity, our quality and development work have been awarded by several recognitions in the past decades.