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Production of tailor-made products and contract work

Production of tailor-made products and contract work

Our company is dealing with development, production and packaging of powder-based food products. Our production lines are suitable for making powder products such as tablets and capsules in relative small batches on a high quality level.

Our regular products such as our nutritional supplements are produced according to the latest EU regulations.

Our company is a well-known and acknowledged private label producer of instant drink powders for the retail such as for the vending machine branch. Beside this we have lot of considerable developments for the functional food, sport nutrition and food supplement industry.

Since the market of private label product is dynamically developing, it is one of the major elements of our company’s long-term strategy.

We provide a complete solution for our customers, starting from selecting the right raw materials for the new product till finding the best packaging type in compliance with all food legislations. We take good care of quality, reliability and competitive pricing.

Our contract work service consists of:

  • Product development
  • Production of semi-finished and finished products
  • Various types of packaging

All of our raw materials go through a careful controlling process, so only excellent quality materials are released for the production.

We provide a wide range of packaging types by using a huge variety and size of foils, plastic cans, paper boxes and displays.

Our integrated ERP system makes it possible to operate an outstanding traceability system.

We recommend you to check our standard products as well, they might give you good ideas. Check out our product list on our website!

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Customized Product Development

Customized Product Development

According to our customers wishes we continue the development of our recipes, or we implement the new product ideas with the help of our well experienced colleagues.

The development of new products corresponding to the market demand became the direction of innovation.

With the help of modern control equipments as well as with factory test devices our laboratory provides excellent support for the product development and for the quality control. The incoming raw materials, semi-produced products as well as ready products are under constant and strict physical, chemical and microbiological control. During our work we maintain appropriate hygiene inside and also outside of the production area. We make lot of efforts to create or improve products which comply with the newest nutritional trends.